Call for papers


The call for papers is CLOSED.

With the horizon set to 2020, the EU has identified the grand societal challenges for Europe’s development in the coming years and beyond. On the one hand advanced and “better” science and technology are pointed to as the way forward. On the other it has become obvious that the challenges are also caused by science and technology as decisive driving forces. Societal problems and their possible solutions are seamlessly interwoven with science and technology. Concepts such as Responsible Research and Innovation aim to incorporate these linkages with the intention to consider possible social or ethical dimensions at an early stage of development. This intricate interconnectedness of science, society and policy making and related decision-making problems are the central subjects of Technology Assessment (TA). TA as a concept of interdisciplinary, problem-oriented research, policy advice and public dialogue is intended to support society and policy making by understanding the problems related to the challenges and by assessing available options for managing them. PACITA’s 2nd European TA Conference highlighted these roles of TA as well as related research and practices with regard to the contexts and circumstances described above.